About ClickStart Mortgage

ClickStart Mortgage is a marketplace that offers wholesale mortgage rates from the country's top lenders.

Because of our experience working with big lenders in the industry, we have access to supply you with exceptionally low-interest rates.

Our customers can utilize us to compare and find the cheapest mortgages instead of acquiring expensive quotes directly from big lenders. We take advantage of these Strategic connections and pass the savings on to our clients!

What's the difference between retail interest rates and wholesale interest rates?

Retail interest rates are what 90% of people get when they apply for a mortgage. They are obtained when a normal consumer reaches out to a big box lender directly, i.e., Rocket Mortgage, LoanDepot, AmeriSave, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc. These companies have a lot of overhead expenses. From employee payroll, large executive salaries, and office expenses to a multi-million-dollar yearly advertising budget. These several contributing factors are costing the end consumer more money and leaving them with higher interest rates and a bad experience.

Wholesale Interest rates are the exact opposite. Cheaper, more convenient, and easier to qualify. They are obtained when a consumer uses a wholesale lender like us to negotiate rates on our client's behalf. We have built strategic relationships with these large lenders, which has allowed us access to use a backdoor wholesale side not offered to retail clients like yourself. This Process will not only be easier, but it will save you thousands compared to traditional lending.

The different kinds of loan options available are:

Home Purchase, Home Refinancing, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Bank Statement loans, Jumbo & Super Jumbo loans over 2 million +

The loan process is simple. It works in the following ways:

- First, complete a mortgage request on our website or by clicking, Here

- Secondly, get options based on your unique criteria.

- Thirdly, we compare interest rates with our wholesale network of lenders.

- Then, we will select the option that suits your needs the most. We handle the entire loan process from start to finish.

Lenders We Work With:

  • Amerisave Mortgage
  • Rocket Mortgage
  • Caliber Home Loans
  • LoanDepot
  • HomePoint

and many others!

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